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Always looking to the future, Alpha International Travel continues a long-standing tradition of travel-technology development and innovation. Many of the applications currently considered industry standards originated from the creative minds of Alpha technologists. Our ever-evolving systems are built to support the integration needs of our clients to create a holistic technology platform.

Desktop Reporting
PerisKope "The 360º View of Travel"
PerisKope is an enterprise desktop solution that provides integrated travel information in real time, on a single screen. Extensive drill-down capabilities provide travel managers and procurement specialists with decision-support tools that control costs and identify opportunities, which impact cost quickly and effectively. For a closer look click here.

Online Reservations
ALIGNED - Online Optimized
This smart, customizable booking-tool and agnostic interface rapidly accelerates online utilization with our value-enhancing communication, motivation and learning systems. Get the cost savings you want without the mandate. For a closer look click here.

Global Reporting–Central Command with Agresso
This fully integrated, end-to-end business information system is engineered for the travel industry. Data importation enables global reporting, utilizing multi-currency capabilities while providing the confidence that the validity of the interfaced information has been processed through a series of data rules.

Quality Control - QCX
QCX is the premier quality-assurance tool. Every hour, up to a full 24 hours prior to departure, QCX automatically searches for and secures better fares, seats and routes.

This function proactively manages unused e-tickets by automatically flagging these tickets for future use. Traveler profiles are updated with detailed information, ensuring this valuable cash resource is not lost.

Agent Ware
Agent Ware automatically notifies our agents when a non-GDS supplier serves the market involved. The application opens the supplier site and puts the profiled traveler's confirmation details into the agent reservation system, allowing informed decisions to be made.

It is through an ever-present commitment to excellence that Alpha International Travel, Inc. has developed the reputation of being a service-driven organization with a prestigious portfolio of long-term clients—clients who have placed their trust in us, who know that we are there for them, now and in the future.
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119west 40th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Phone: 800-425-7427
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